ACM is Stanford's premier computer science organization. Our mission is to build exciting projects to learn about and solve challenging technical and social problems.



ACMLab is Stanford's premier machine learning club. Its goal is to teach anyone with basic CS experience machine learning. After an intensive ramp-up workshop in the fall, members work on publishing papers at top ML conferences and workshops. We have published 6 workshop papers so far at top conferences and workshops such as ACL and ICLR. Alumni have gone on to Google AI, Stanford ML Group, Stanford NLP Group, and VMWare.


ProCo is a computer programming contest for high school students in the style of the college-level ACM-ICPC. ProCo aims to provide a fun and engaging opportunity for high school students in the Bay Area to explore their passion in computer science.

The contest happened in-person on April 15, 2023. More info about ProCo 2024 will be released as we get closer to the spring.


ACM hosts a puzzle hunt open to all Stanford students. We invite you to solve puzzles as quickly as possible for prizes while having fun!