Puzzle Hunt
📅 Saturday, October 29th
🕐 1-5pm
🧋 boba provided

Puzzle Hunt for fall 2022 just ended! Check back next year for more, and feel free to check out puzzles and solutions from the event.

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What is this?

Like a cross between an escape room and MITMH-style puzzle hunts. In last year's Stanford Puzzle Hunt, teams raced across campus solving creative puzzles, gradually piecing together the answer to a murder mystery.
No prior experience is needed.
See Puzzle Hunt Fall 2022: Mission to Mars here.
See pre-2020 puzzle hunts (hosted by SUMO) here.

Who can participate?

Teams of up to 4 people! Anyone from the Stanford community is eligible to participate, but only Stanford students can receive prizes.
Note that due to limited capacity, registration is first-come first-served.

I don't have a team! Can I still participate?

Don't worry! You can be matched to other people to form a team or participate on your own.


Reach out to us at syyan@stanford.edu and ssyoung@stanford.edu if you have any further questions! Puzzle hunt is run by Stanford ACM's Puzzle Hunt Committee!